Thursday, 26 April 2012

Crochet Cushion Covers

Another little project I finished on Saturday. I started about two weeks ago after deliberating on whether to buy new cushions for the couch as the two black ones we bought 5 years ago were looking somewhat sorry and flat. I was also looking for another crochet project to potter with as well. While daydreaming and staring at the couch I looked at my little Ikea coloured patterned cushion and then something when 'ting' in my brain... why don't I crochet some and utilise the existing black covers! This way I didn't need buy more fabric to sew up new covers for the crochet to be stitched to, therefore no wastage! All I needed to buy then was the new cushion inserts.

For the first cushion I crocheted many many little coloured circles and then spent time arranging them into a patterns I liked - which in the end I couldn't decide and asked James to choose one. Turned out to be a good choice as it was one of the ones I had short listed in my mind. Then I proceeded to stitch all the little circles together and, using black wool, crochet a thick border around it to frame. Finally hand stitched the crocheted piece to the cover and put the cushion insert in and ta da! Pretty cushion!

I decided for the second one I'd try a different pattern using the same colours I used in the first and now I have two lovelies sitting on the couch brightening the room up! Every time I look at the couch now it makes me smile! I love bright colours and different patterns and these cushions are unique as they were made by me! So satisfying!

I'm on a crocheting roll, I have started crocheting wrist warmers so once they're complete I will put a post up of those too. Stay tuned.

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