Thursday, 7 June 2012

DIY Yarn Dispenser

I thought I'd show you my quick 3 step DIY for stopping yarn from escaping when crocheting and knitting. The ball always rolls away from me, unravels and then picks up fluff and hair off the carpet which is a bit annoying let alone light coloured yarn getting grub marks on it, also handy in stopping pets taking off and playing with it. It is very simple, all you need is an empty tissue box (or a box large enough for your yarn to fit in if the ball is larger than a tissue box) and paper clip or dog clip.

Step 1: Take one used tissue box and carefully open one end. If you want to glam up your box, decorate it in what ever you like, pretty wrapping paper, fabric, paint etc. I was lucky and had an appropriately patterned box! :)

Step 2: Put ball of yarn in and thread through the opening on top and fold the end back down and clip with paper clip or dog clip.

Step 3: Pull yarn through and start/continue crochet or knitting!

TIP: Due to yarn ball being a little on the large side initially, sometimes it won't spin around in the box properly and the yarn gets a little snagged. I solved this by taking out the ball and unravelling a bit and then loosely winding around the ball, put it back in a its good to go again.

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