Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Anniversary!

My husband James and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last week. When I think about it, I honestly don't know where the time has gone, I'll admit the wedding itself was a bit of a blur after all the build up to the day, yet here we are today a year later.

Traditionally the first wedding anniversary is gifted with paper and seeing as I love making anything with paper and card, I set out to make a few paper themed items to give to my dearest! I initially planned to make a "Happy Anniversary" garland but seeing as I didn't really have anywhere to hang it properly, I decided to lay it out on the floor instead. I have oodles of paper and card scraps as I'm one to never throw anything out - yes I'm a little bit of a hoarder - and I always find ways to use them. Fittingly I had some left over invitations from our wedding stationary (printed on gorgeous white luminous card) as well as some black card left over from our friends wedding stationary I made last year. It was perfect to use for the hearts and lettering.

Our logo for our wedding was a seahorse, so I cut out one from the invitations and layered with a '1'. On the reverse of each heart I wrote a couple of lines from the song that we played for our first dance (Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer) which surprisingly all fit on, so I keep telling myself it was meant to be!

I also made a 'love box'. I upcycled a black gift box I had in my stash of things which I recovered the lid, added stripes to each side of the box (with more scraps) and I finished the box by attaching a wired ribbon on the lid. Inside were more paper themed items I made; a love letter, quotes, the heart garland and some homemade bath salts. I know technically bath salts do not fit with the paper theme, but we both love a soothing soak in the bath, so I thought it was a nice little addition.

James, in keeping with the paper theme, gave me my first Moleskine! Yes I now can proudly say I have a Moleskine :) I know it's a bit strange in a way seeing that I have many, many sketchbooks in my collection, but I have never owned one until now.  I'll have to make sure that when I draw/write in my Moleskine they are treasured scribbles and doing that it is going to be a challenge in itself!

And to round it off is a photo of me in my new dress before going out to dinner at our favourite Japanese restaurant to celebrate. I bought the dress from Target for $10, a bargain considering the original price tag was $50. My purple leather mary-janes matched perfectly as did my glasses. I stylized the dress with a light cyan ribbon as I didn't have a proper belt to match, it still worked and I liked it so that is all that really matters.

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