Thursday, 1 March 2012

Crochet Fun!

I thought I'd share some of my crochet creations I have made in the past few months, I have certainly had much fun making them.

Seeing as we take our iPods with us when we travel (whether its just to work or on holiday) I thought I'd make a couple of pouches for them and earphones, provides a nice soft buffer between them and everything else that goes in the bag. These were fairly simple to make, I didn't follow any pattern, just made it up as I went, by measuring the iPods, estimating extra space needed for the earphones and voila!

I've always needed a pin cushion and this lil beauty was grown from a couple of crochet boo boos. As I hate to waste anything I decided to make use of them; they were meant be for something else but didn't quite work out. The 'cake' part was originally supposed to be a head of a crochet toy that turned out all distorted, so I just stuffed it with hobby fill and tied off the bottom and then made the 'cup' from some wool that was left over from another item. It worked out perfectly and it takes pride of place on my desk decorated with '100s & 1000s' (map pins) and other needles and safety pins.

This is one of my favourite pieces, an original design. Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers as I love to watch them pop out of the ground in July/August and bloom through to mid spring. They are such a cheerful flower and always put a smile on my face. Unfortunately they don't flower all year round so I decided one afternoon to crochet my own ever-lasting Daffy. Again no pattern here, I just made it up as I went, tweaking here and there until the petals, stem and leaf was the right proportion and shape and I was happy with it. The only thing missing is the sweet subtle daffodil scent!

This is my most recent addition, finally finished this week after being on the go for the past couple of months. As I like to cart around a sketch book and pencils with me, I thought I'd make myself another pouch to put all these things in. The brief I gave myself was that it had to be large enough to fit an A5 sketch/notebook (the sketchbook in the photo is an A6), my beloved 'Flat Cats' pencil tin (which I've owned for more than 13 years ...), sketching pencils - as shown and colouring pencils (tins of Derwent pencils I have collected over the years). Although all of those thing are not going to be carried all the time, I just wanted to make sure they fit when I needed to. I randomised the sections/stripes of blue and red as well as the stitches (combination of double and treble crochet) to add visual contrast and add some texture to the piece, finished with scalloped edging along the top and red ribbon for the draw string.

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